Monday, 27 July 2009



Well what a summer this is turning out to be NOT.The ground i was on this week is usually a good sniping ground but with the way the rain has come the ground is just to wet to lie down on.This time i opted to go for a walk around just to show face again,we have got to keep the farmers happy or the ground will just be passed on to someone els.I started on the paddocks where there is the odd rabbit to pick off, with it being early still the horse owners are about and the rabbits are usually a bit reluctant to show till it quietens down.

The first paddock showed two full growns eating between a few nettle patches,i took the closest one as i know these will run when they hear the whack of the pellet hitting home so theres no point going longer to try and get the other to stay out for a second shot.First shot of the day and one nice clean kill.Took a walk around the rest and nothing was showing at all.

Second stage was a walk around the big field,its now getting well over grown in some places with alot of ragwort and dock so they have got alot of hideing places.The only way to shoot this type of ground is to walk in slow motion,and i mean slow as i was to find out.After walking half of the field which in my mind was the slowest i thought needed, i had seen atleast 10 rabbits run in behind me,obviously laffin at me as i hadnt spotted them,everytime i turned round one was waving goodbye, they was a dead ringer for a pile of horse poo when i seen them in the field,no way was they a rabbit.Time for a quick cuppa and a rethink on how i was missing these rabbits it wasnt going to do me any favours going back empty handed and the farmer seeing all these rabbits the day before.

Now refreshed and thinking of my master plan to nail these poo rabbits i headed back on my round of the big field.This time i opted for a snail pace and stop every 10 yards and have a good couple of minutes scanning every clump of weeds and every horse poo.It didnt take long before i spotted one hiding between a clump of ragwort,only 20 yards from me i scoped him up and nailed him.I carried this same routine all the way along the hedgeline looking into the clusters of weeds and finding one every 20-30 yards.5-0 to me after that walk round and no runners ,who`s the daddy now then i was thinking.

Time was getting on now so i opted for another walk around the paddocks,rabbits dotted all over the place only problem is now they know the cammo dressed man is going to kill them so its alot harder as there is not many places to sneak up on them.Half hour had passed and luckily i had managed to shoot a few more, missing 2 sitters in the process.Decided to gather up and back to the car for a quick drink again before i tackled the big field again for the last walk round.While i was having a cuppa the farmer asked me to sort a couple of collard doves out as he had a few to many so i sat near a pylon they like and sure enough within 2 mins i had the couple he wanted gone.

Back to the rabbits now and a repeat of last round, walk 10 scan 2 ,walk 10 scan 2 i was like a machine and the rabbits didnt stand a chance,apart from 3 that i didnt see with my dolls eyes on,but we cant get them all can we. Well it turned out to be a good evening in the end and luckilly the rain started just as i was pulling out of the farm yard,so hopefully it might just calm down for a couple of days so i can get out again.

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