Thursday, 2 July 2009


After a phone call from my dad i reluctantly (cough cough) agreed to go check a ground that we hadnt shot for a while as the farmer had mentioned a couple of rabbits runnin about.

On reaching a favourite spot we noticed 5 out feeding,so i walked across the field in a way that the rabbits seen me but made them think i was walking away just to run them in.

As usual i put me dad where i knew was a good spot and i went round the corner of the spinney to ambush any that came out that side.

As usual we was only set up 5 mins when i heard a crack 1.0 to me old man,10 mins later i was sweating me perverbials off under the desert sun when i heard another crack 2.0 to the old git.

As the roasting got worse i noticed a rabbit close to the hedge i was shooting into,took aim crack,missed,sh.t how did that happen i cracked its ears.

Now im real pi..ed off sweating like a pig on a roast for half hour ,missing the only shot i had present itself i decided a scope check.What a pillock the golden rule CHECK YOUR BLOODY ZERO i hadn`t.Oh well next time he wont be so lucky...

On to the next spot. I was under a hawthorn bush 35 yards fron a small warren that i seen 2 run in,set up nice and comfy and waiting in the shade, while me old man got a good sun soaking this time.

While i was taking some amature pics with the camera on my phone through the scope,i noticed a nice brown furry colour sat on the hole i was looking at,up goes the scope cross on his nut crack.Hoo bloody ray made up for the last mistake.Managed to get a pic of it through the scope as it lay dead over the hole.

That was enough for me then ,was too bloody hot and had to get back home before the mrs got

From the pictures you will see how low the grass is and how easy it was to still nail a couple that would otherwise had lived for another day if we was just walking about.

If you look close enough you might see me old man on the right of the first pic in the grass against a on pic to enlarge it ,you will see no fancy stuff just lie down and keep still.


  1. nice 1 ed, seem to know that view, al

  2. sorry al`s you havn`t seen this one buddy,but it looks much the same as the ground i have took you on..ed