Wednesday, 15 July 2009


With the weather taking a bit of a setback this week i decided to have a walk round one of my shoots thats not to far away from cover if it decided to pour down on me.I went and picked the old man up after a little arm bending ,he is a fine weather shooter and set off on the 10 min jurney to the shoot.We hadn`t shot this for about a month so the farmer was a little pleased when we turned up.The shoot is mainly horse padocks with a nice 2 acre field with some very big prize cows on it and a few big rabbits to boot.
It wasn`t long before we got into things,the first paddock produced two nice shots close together,me old man was to slow so i nailed both.

Next paddock me old man spotted one hiding in the nettles and cleanly dispatched that one.

As we walked to the next paddock i saw a nice sized rabbit squatting in open ground 25-30 yards away.What an easy shot i thought, i was waiting for me old man to take a shot but he thought it was a pile of horse muck i was looking at so hadnt raised the rifle.I took the shot and like a first class pillock i missed,typical i thought,next time i wont be to relaxed and think i will hit it with me eyes closed.

Soon after the heavens opened so we rushed to a barn and decided to have a quick drink and a bite to eat.When i asked the old man if he wanted a drink he replied "i have me own cheers" and when he pulled the bottle from his bag i had to laff.I think he been watchin chris yates and bob james from a Passion For Angling,a nice bottle of white wine.Oh well i though,it might improve his shooting,i stuck to me blackcurrant drink.
After the rain and thunder stopped we were back out on the rabbit trail,i went one way and the old man went another.We was only half hour and had another 6 between us so that was productive as we was just taking a steady walk round.The best way to shoot this ground we have found is sniping but as it was so wet we had to walk but it seemed to be working today and just as it was going good the heavens opened up again,back to the barn again.

It was gettin a bit late now so we thought hell to it and had one more walk about together and to see me old man pull off some cracking shots was great as he is still pretty new to the air riffle side of shooting ,we did manage a few more and put a smile on the farmers face when he seen the end results.

Well thats it till sunday , i will probably be on my own or may even go and get me mate with his 22.250 and sort some foxes out.Will let you know how we get on.

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