Sunday, 12 July 2009


After a week away down south wales its depressing to be back to the normal grind every day brings.It was a beautiful place where we was staying, Saundersfoot,right near the harbour looking onto the beach every morning.Me and the brother in law had to make the early walk to do a spot of fishing every morning, oh, and every evening tide on the harbour wall.
The thing that makes this place so welcoming is the locals,they had us in stitches every time we met up on the harbour,it was just like fishing a local pond with the same amount of banter that is thrown accross the water at anyone who needs the mickey taken out of them, when things are slow,just to keep you sane and not bored to tears.
We did manage to kick the locals into touch this time on the amount of fish caught through out the week,especially when the mackerel showed up.This is the place i could go to live ,and what makes it even more appealing..RABBITS bloody loads of them every where we went.

So thats enough of depressing myself even more now im back.

I had a call from a mate who wanted some squirrels for his young hawk,so went and picked me mate up to have a walk around me local woods that i beat on.I took the 12g as i was still knackered from me week away and me mate took his rapid.The main reason for the rapid was the squirrels need as less shot as possible for hawk meat as a lead pellet is all thats needed to kill a young hawk,so that makes the air rifle perfect for this job as its easier to find the .22 pellet.
I was just making the numbers up and taking anything that happened to fly over within reach of the no 6 shot i was shooting.
Well i will keep this one short n sweet.I managed to nail a crow and a jay on me walk about and me buddy ( phill ) managed two nice squirrels for the hawk.
It was a slow welcome back to shooting after fishing all week,and just what i needed to wind down..

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