Tuesday, 15 September 2009


At last some weather we hunters have all been waiting for.The week started when me and the old man took a drive to some stubble fields to see what was about,we seen a small group of pigeon and crows feeding together so we decided to chuck some deeks out and see what happened for a couple of hours.
I started off the pattern in a horse shoe with 4 crows added behind them in a group.
It wasn`t long before we hit our first pigeon crossing right to left me old man took it like a season pro,a big smile beamed across his face.In the next half hour we took a couple more between us but it was slow.
I decided to change the patter to a L shape setup as i wasn`t confident with the way the horse shoe was bringing them in and it had instant results.A crow had come straight across the field to take a look at the deeks and we noticed some white on it,me old man took aim and dropped it stone dead,i went to retrieve it as it was upside down and took it back to the hide.We were both suprised by it as when i opened its wings up it was like a hybrid magpiexcrow.

After that the shooting just got better we took as many crows as pigeon and ended the afternoon with a pretty good bag considering it was just turn up and shoot.

On friday i took a trip up lancaster with a few guys from the RAPID 7 OWNERS CLUB.The ground belongs to the Duke of Westminster and one of the lads nephew is a gamekeeper on there so we get invited a few times a year to knock some rabbits off.We had reports of some serious mixy on the ground but theres always healthy ones to go at so we wasn`t to down about it.We got there about 1.30pm and started shooting about 3 once we had got settled in the cottage that we stay in.

The first run was a trip to the hills that we do alot of damage on,i sat on the boot of the motor and shot off the bipod as we went up the track,everything that was shot on the way up had mixy not a good start but at least we had ended the suffering for those poor fellas.Once uptop we split up and had a walk around to see what was healthy and where the worst mixy areas were.The two main warrens were healthy but strangely the ones that live in the tall marsh grass were really bad with mixy.

After tea we decided on the lamp session we would stick close to the cottage and see what it was like,we split up again and the sight was amazing.Hundreds of eyes staring at you in every field was an understatement, its rabbit heaven.I stayed out for a couple of hours and met up with the lads after and it was the same old story ,shot 30 picked up 5-10 good ones ,the rest mixy,what a shame for this ground.Good job there is thousands of acres to go at.

In the morning we had a walk round again untill dinner time came to early and me and dave had to come home leaving the other two for another 24hrs bashing.

The count for the first day was 90 healthy ones and at least double killed with mixy so there was plenty of shots taken.After a phone call from allan the next day it was the same report ,shoot ten pick one or two healthy ones up,hopefully it will be better next month when we do battle again..

Friday, 4 September 2009


Well what a couple of weeks of hot weather we are NOT having.I took a weeks hols up north for a family visit hoping for some nice weather , not a chance ,rain , rain and more rain.Well at least it was good to catch up after a few years to many.

Well it was my time to repay a favour when i got back and had to take a freind out who had done me a few good favours helping with a flat i had to do up.I had borrowed him one of my spare rifles as his rabbit stopper was not upto the job in my eyes and took him to the local patch where i was sure he would get a few.

On the first walk round we split up and had a go sniping,we waited for a good hour but nothing showed for him,i took 2 with the rapid.
The wind had picked up now and so decided for a slow walk round,splitting up again we took each side of a good field to walk round.I managed to take a good shot between some nettles for a healthy buck.When we met up me mate had 3 shots but unfortunately missed them,he is a novice so he had his excuses.

Walking around the next fields together we managed to spot a few but the wind was proving a little to much for me mate and a few more misses was the result.On the way back to the motor as the light was fading we spotted one out in the paddock 30 yards away, resting on a post gareth took the shot and how lucky he was to be in a sheltered spot,he nailed it stone dead.
Chuffed was an understatement, i was glad for him to finaly get one and the smile on his face said it all.

One last thing that made me think plumbers cant count was ,we spotted a half grown about 20 yards away ,no chance of a miss here i thought.Gareth took the shot it just stood there looking at him laffin.I picked the rapid up to take a shot and it ran off before i could get it .When we got back to the car after a little banter he had realised that he had took ten shots and the mag had been empty on the half grown shot.What a plonker rodney.


Well apart from a misserable day out with the shotty with me old man the weather has not calmed down to do some real damage,maybee this weekend might be better .Wee will see.