Thursday, 10 March 2011

Ledco Led Lenser P7 Torch.

While there have been torches used for lamping for a few years now it seemed to me that spending over £100 was a lot of money to pay for a small torch so I just stuck with my trusted lamp and wires. Recently I found out about the Ledco Led Lenser P7 professional torch. This little torch was half the price of most tactical torches but boasted the same power and functions as its competitors. Not to be put off by it`s cheap price I asked for one to be sent so I could find out for myself. The team at Ledco were very easy to approach and have been very helpful throughout the time I have been using their product. The P7 arrived in a nicely packed presentation box that contained everything to get you lamping straight away .The torch itself boasts a powerful beam of (700 ft )and 200 lumen's , The beam has an Advanced focus system that goes from flood to spot in seconds by way of sliding the lens forward for spot or backwards for flood. The Torch is 135 mm long and weighs in at 195 gms , that might seem a little heavy for a small compact torch but once mounted you don't notice it at all. The rear of the torch offers the usual rotary switch for high , and low beam or you can change it to the other supplied battery pack fitted with a remote tail switch . The mount is not the most advanced system but it does its job it was designed for and perfectly aligns the beam with your scope. I would put a little tape on my scope though just in case you knocked the torch so saving you scratching the scope tube. The torch is powered by 4AAA batteries that come supplied in the package and they are said to last over 60 hours. Now that is worth it as the cost of AAA batteries are pennies these days. The only fault I have found with the kit is lack of filters. There are no filter kits for this torch at present but it isn't rocket science to make something up yourself . I used a spare Logun filter I had knocking around for my trips out and I can honestly say this torch exceeded my expectations and more. I have shot rabbits every time I have been out so far using the torch and spotting them up to 100 yards is easy on high power. The lower power setting will be perfect for ratting aswell.

So if your looking for a tactical set up that wont break the bank at a measly £69.95 rrp go for it , you wont be disappointed .

Filter kits for the torch are now on sale from


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