Tuesday, 15 March 2011

New Realtree Dippers on the block

We have all seen how great a rifle looks once its had the realtree treatment. I for one think it makes all the difference in the field  so for this reason i was pleased to hear about a new hydroghraphics company  starting up  ( not to be mistaken for the original hydrographics company ) . After a long helpfull chat with Antony i will  be sending my rifle to his  new company called  DIP-IT  once i have all the alterations i want done to it.

Here is some information on the process that they use to make your rifle stand out from the crowd.

What Is Hydrographics:

Hydrographis is a method of applying printed patterns on 3d objects. A Poly-vinyl film is laid in a specially desigend dipping tank and an activator chemical is applied to the film. This activator dissolves the film into liquid ink which stays a float on the surface water. Then a object is dipped slowly through the floating ink and the pattern is transfered to the object. Then an automotive grade clear coat is usually applied to protect the finish.

How durable is the finish? We coat all our dipped parts with an automotive grade urethane clear coat. We have Matte, Satin, or Glossy clear coats that will protect your finish and be just as durable as an automotive paint finish and provide UV protection.

Can you dip items from me through the post? Yes, we accept mail order requests. WE have a form under the Services section of this site you will need to fill out. If you are shipping a gun, please give us a call before shipping. Email or call us for any questions about shipping concerns etc

What can be dipped? Nearly any 3d object can be dipped. Wood, Metal, Plastic, Fiberglass, Glass parts can all be dipped.

Why do i see different shades of camo of the same pattern? We can change the tone of the camo by changing the colour of the basecoat paint that is applied. If we use a white basecoat, the camo will appear much lighter in colour. If we use a Tan basecoat, the camo will be much darker. Look at some of our photos and you can see the differences. we will work with you to determine the right shade of camo you prefer for your object.

There are a few patterns to choose from on the web site and there should be one to suit any hunting situation you come accross .
You can have a nice shiny rifle or the more comon Matt finish that i would think will be more suitable for hunting.
It is not only rifles they can dip , they will dip anything you want as long as it fits in their tank .

Here are a couple of pictures from their web site showing some patterns and the difference in the matt and glossy finish .

For more information on the process or for any other questions contact the team here .
http://www.dip-it.co.uk/index.html  ,  Who will do their upmost to help you with your needs.


  1. Sweet! Now camouflage is on guns too! This will be great for hunting and for playing air-soft this spring break. Thanks for the idea man!

  2. Your welcome bud , And it will make alot of difference to your hunting if you can conceal the rifle too.

    Cheers Eddie.