Thursday, 30 June 2011

Pulsar N550 Digital Nightvision Riflescope

Having read so much about the Pulsar N550 i was dying to have a go of one. A good freind and owner of the popular  online store Nick Riley kindly offered me the chance to have a unit on test for a while just to see how good these really are . I must say i was impressed with the quality of the units when i first set eyes on it, it looks like something from the set of startrek and i was soon contemplating setting it up on the rapid and having a quick zero session. I will admit i had a quick scan through the instructions , the unit has that many buttons it can intimidate you but the more of the book i read i found it  very straight forward to set  up. I wont go  into detail with all the technical lingo as i will be doing more of a propper feature in future editions of Airgunner  but what i will say is i would recomend this unit to anyone going into night vision for the first time. With a 3 years warranty and the price of the unit it is a cracking deal.
Here is a small vid of my first session testing the unit and getting used to the setting up .

I hope you like the first session and there will be many more to add in the future .

Here is a snip from the website describing the unit and the additions that you can buy for it .
Pulsar Digisight N550 Kit
Pulsar Digisight N550 Kit Pulsar Digisight N550 Kit Pulsar Digisight N550 Kit Pulsar Digisight N550 Kit

Pulsar Digisight N550 Kit

Pulsar N550 digital night vision kit
Instock and ready to dispatch
The kit includes the Pulsar N550 , an additional Ir illuminator to give extended viewing range and a free AA intelligent battery charger with 4 high quality AA rechargeable batteries *
* 2 AA batteries are required for the extra Ir torch .
Digital Night vision is the future . With comparable optics to many Gen2 Nv sights but at a fraction of the cost and many extra benefits .
The Pulsar is usable in both the daytime and night, giving a very versatile scope which does not tie your rifle up for just night time only use unlike more traditional Nv units.
Available as an extra is the Yukon MPR which allows you to digitally record whatever the scope sees, which makes it great to record your hunting session .
We have a demo unit set up on an air rifle and buyers are welcome to view the performance by appointment .
· Fine image quality and resolution
· Highly sensitive CCD array
· User choice of the reticule shapes
· Switchable sum light signal processing program
· Mini-USB Slot for downloading into the devices memory additional aiming reticules of user configuration
· Water-resistance
· One-shoot zeroing
· Large eye relief (67mm)
· Built-in & external power supply
· Built-in clock
· High contrast function
· Resistant to bright light exposures
· Accurate internal front lens focus adjustment
· Ergonomic design and intuitive easy-to-use interface
· Remote control with secure attachment
· Additional weaver mount
· Flip-up objective lens cover
· Self-contained and external power supply
· Video-input/ video-output
· Built-in IR illuminator with shield blind
· Separate adjustment of brightness and contrast
· Low battery indication
· Includes 79076 IR flashlight (940nm)

Available as an extra is the new Pulsar l-808 highpower laser ir flashlight which extends the viewing range over the 940 ir torch *
* we consider the 940 ir torch included in the kit more than ample for airgun use .


  1. I have developed a new kit for the lens converter for Pulsar N550 and N750(I think).
    This kit assure a perfect aligment with the Pulsar N550 lens and the Pulsar or Sony lens converter, and it is impossible to move after shot, even with large calibers.

    Please check the videos:

    YouTube Chanel : dhopinto

    Please contact me if you have any interest.

    Daniel Pinto (

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  3. video is good but I doubt your shooting skill, may be due to night it,s not working properly.

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  4. Liked that video, you have bought a good one for your rifle.

    1. Are you blind, he did not miss so how can he do better?

  5. No doubt you're a good hunter. The rifle scope you bought one of the best scope. Thanks for sharing the effective post.

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