Thursday, 6 August 2009


Well what a good week its been.My brother had come down from scotland for a holiday and he had been plaguing me to take him out with the shotty,so as the birds had arrived in the wood i thought i would kill two birds with one stone,(take him out and go on fox patrol around the pens).
The sun was beaming when we got to the woods.As we walked to the main pen a squirrel spotted us and made a run for it,bad mistake , a few no6s was on there way and took him out no probs.Good start i thought.
Checking the traps didnt bring any foxes so decided to go a walk to a good spot where we usually see one.As we got to the pithole i noticed a few hares playing about on the back side in the field,i was so engrosed watching them i didnt notice a fox crossing the field trying to sneak up on the hares.Luckilly me brother spotted it and called me over to show where she was.
I dropped like a stone sliding along the fenceline like a slug on steroids hopeing it wasnt to far away when i got to the corner of the fence.
looking over the nettles i couldnt see a thing,"what a bummer", i thought it had gone but no it was about 60 yards in a little dip.Out came to no6s and in went the alphamax no way was it gonna get away if i got a shot off.
I looked up again and gave a little squeek it stopped but was to engrossed in the hares to look back,i gave a louder squeek then there was no hesitation it came in like an exocet missile straight into a path of lead,well worth the trip and brother was beaming.

As me old man has been comming out alot lately he has decided to go fac and shotty, so early sat mornin we had a trip down south to pick him up a shotty.As he dont have his ticket yet it went on mine ,to see the look on his face when i took it home with me was a sight , im sure he seen on my face many times as a kid when i couldnt have an ice cream.

Sunday afternoon was his first go with a shotty what a natural ,he hit everything he put the gun upto , he even managed 3 pigeons and a jay flying 2 rabbits running ,oh i forgot he missed one rabbit that was sitting 20 yards we cant get them all even with a shotty( cough cough).I managed 2 more jays a crow and for the second time in the last 3 years i managed 3 rabbits with one shot,totally unexpected ,thought it was only one till we walked up and found 2 more about 2 feet behind it in the long grass what a result.Well with all the bragging he was doing next day we decided to go check on some barley fields and decoy a few.

Now this was a different story what a cock up he was missing everything at first , back to reality for him .I had to laff a bit but once he got into his stride he did knock a few over and i had a few to just give the small bag a lift..One thing i have learnt though is you cant leave the shotty in the cabinet too long or you will end up as bad as me old man till you get a couple of shots off and get back into the swing of things.

Well thats it for this week apart from an invite from my cousin to help out on a local golf club sorting the rabbits out.To cut a long story short we had a ride round on the golf buggy and had 15 in an hour on the main problem greens and gave it neck as its his bit of shooting and didnt want them all wiping out in a night , cant blame him but i was itching to get more.

well thats it till next time ..happy hunting.