Tuesday, 30 June 2009


RABBITS........... SNIPING....

The thing that i hear most and i feel quite tickled by it is the amount of , i got to use this new stuff thats come out to hide my scent(it stinks) , i never wash my clothes(he must stink worse) , i crawled on my hands and knees for 20 mins (guess what it ran off before he got a shot off).I could go on and make the list endless but forget about hiding your scent the most important thing is camofluage 1st and last thats the only rule you need to keep in your mind..
It is quite obvious that you cant go running round a wood or field just because your wearing camo and think you will get a shot , just wear the right gear walk very slowly and you will get shots without fail..Today theres more camoflauge patterns than you could imagine i use many different types but whatever i wear i will make sure it blends in with the surroundings.
One of the easiest ways to shoot rabbits is to watch where they come into the field or where the warrens are and sit and wait for them.You dont need to be smart here this is foolproof.I lie out in the field 30 yards from the hedge with a bipod fitted to my rifle.I wear a head net and cap and gloves to compliment what camo im wearing just to hide any flesh.I have found it doesnt matter what way the wind is blowing , wether its straight at a warren or hedge they are coming out of they will still come out,i have proved this on many occasion.the only reason i lie out in the field is it optimises your chances as you can see all along the hedge line or warren and not blocking access for others to come out if you was against a hedge.If you have a rangefinder you can use this to your advantage before you start shooting,pick your furthes aim point that you are confident with and work off the readings once they start coming out.Dont shoot over your capabilities as 9times out of 10 you miss and let others know there is danger when he runs off back to his holes.If it has a large head of rabbits on the ground where your shootin dont pick up every rabbit you shoot straight away,you can shoot many even when theres dead ones lying everywhere the still come out , whait till you have finished in that spot then pick up and move to another , then repeat it all over again.
Thats the bottom line on this subject and will get you plenty of kills if you carry out what i have mentioned , just keep still then when they come out bang..easy as that..hope it helps and good sniping..