Saturday, 29 May 2010


It has been a busy month for me regarding shooting,although i have not posted on here whats been going on i have been writing features for Airgunner magazine. Writing has never been my strong point as im sure many of the viewers on here would have read, but i like to put my outings in text as i do it. There is no half hour of talking about trees ,plants and whatever el`s someone could come up with, i like to put you in my situation and make you feel that its you taking the shot ,if that is possible and hopefully that will make a better read.
 I thought writing features for the magazines would be easy,just go out shoot something and write about it, how wrong could i have been. Well taking pictures is the worst thing i have come across so far, there are so many things that can make the seemingly easy pose a headache. I wont go into to much detail but take a picture from my first feature,i had been waiting for a jackdaw to come into range and just sit long enough for a shot,i did manage to get the shot off in the end but when it came to take a picture of me in the same position as i took the shot from it all went pete tong. For the one shot i needed  we must have took 20 pictures.  I blinked ,the sun went in for a second as the picture was taken , there was a little shadow in the wrong place, there was a twig that did not look right near me .I could go on for ever but at least you can get the idea.
When writing the features i like to plan my day well in advance, I decide where i am going  ,what i am shooting, where the best spots are going to be , i want to make the best of the situation so the readers can get the best out of the feature. I also try and add a little to help the readers gain some information that will hopefully get them a shot that might not have presented itself before, there are certain ways to get to quarry , make quarry come to you , there is always some little trick that could help the reader go from blank days to having a few shots and bagging a rabbit or pigeon for the pot.
Last month i had a situation where i could not shoot rabbits as it was very windy . I didn`t like the idea of wounding them so i opted for an afternoon in some woods that was sheltered.It proved to be a good session in the end, and having the chance to swap from one ground to another at short notice gave me the chance to write about what i had done and got the feature done on time.
In this months Airgunner i went into the hills with some friends from the The weather was not perfect , Granted it was dry and very sunny but there was  quite a bit of wind.We over come the wind and managed to produce a bag of rabbits totaling 110.

If you would like to read more about what went on you can buy  Airgunner from most newsagents or subscribe to get the mag early every month and at a very good rate here..

Here is some pictures of a couple of pests that added to the total  from the May feature and a sneak preview of July feature.

.Catch you soon .eddie

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