Tuesday, 4 May 2010


On one of my permissions i have been out on the mole hunt.The farmer is getting on a bit and he was struggling to keep ontop of them so like the nice guy i am (cough cough) i offered to take over and sort them out.
There are two types of traps i use,the first is the claw trap.

 This traditional  mole trapping method is  effective and makes it simple to trap and catch a mole or moles .

To set these mole  traps is easy. The base of the  claw trap  is inserted into the mole run or mole tunnel which are easy to locate as mole hills are found along these runs or tunnels. The handle section of the claw trap, which is pincer like, protrudes above ground level. A mole cought  is evident when this pincer like handle springs apart.
These claw traps are easy to set and insert into the mole run and are one of the best and most effective  mole traps available for catching  moles.

The other trap i use are the duffus tunnel trap

This  tunnel  trap , is one of the best and most effective  mole traps for catching moles. These traps are a now taking over as the prefered method. They are an effective pest control method to trap and get rid of moles.

The  tunnel catch trap  is a well and old established design in mole traps and gives effective mole eradication and control.
The tunnel catcher trap is easy to set and very efficient in getting rid of  mole  problems .

Alot of trappers prefer to use the tunnel traps over the claw , but i catch just as well with both traps.
so far i have had 22 in 12 days and there are more fresh holes coming up daily over the permission so it looks like i am going to be busy for a while.

A couple of months ago me and dad were controling foxes on a permission with his 22.250,we had noticed a new run in one of the fields a couple of weeks ago so we had baited it up and decided to sit in wait and hopefully get it on its patrol`s.
We had waited for a couple of hours and the light was just beginning to fade when i noticed the fox coming up the fenceline.I had watched it for a couple of minutes when it decided to come round the hill we were waiting on.The rifle was ready loaded and ready to take the shot so i stood up to take a look where it was.
As i stood up i noticed it quater back and was heading straight for the bait.As it came across me i had the crosshair on its heart ,one squeek to stop it and the bullet flew straight to its mark.The fox lay stone dead  as me and dad walked over.This was a welcome boost as the young rabbits are taking a bashing from hungry foxes,so hopefully one less means a few more rabbits later on in the year..

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