Tuesday, 9 November 2010


It has been a busy couple of months for me lately. It is no excuse for neglecting my blog as you the readers have kept me going for a long time. The magazine features has taken alot of my time up as you can never get thing right the first time so you are trying to go out and have a half decent day just to give readers something worth spending their hard earned cash at the newsagents. Although i have been writing for Airgunner i have also been testing a new pattern from Jack Pyke. It is called English Woodland and now it has been released i can give you a preview .. On first ispection when it arrived it was like the incredible hulk was stashed in the box. I thought crikey this is green and it took me a while to really get my head around it. Well that weekend i had to go and give it a propper try , there is no use in buying something or reviewing it unless it has had plenty of time in the field so i might aswell start now i thought.
Well three months on i am using it regular as the leaves are still on alot of trees so i am blending well. I have stalked a few more rabbits wearing it  than i used to and have also scared a couple but i have tried it against other top brands of clothing and there is no way they can beat this for concealment.I have had my best summer on pigeons without building hides all the time , lying out in open fields with a pod has been like taking candy from a baby where rabbits are concearned.
I would say this is more a spring summer pattern because of the total green colour but i think for night time shooting this is also spot on as it gives no light spots and you blend in with the night perfectly.

If you want a more suitable pattern for autumn , winter it will be hard to find a pattern that works as good as the Jack Pyke English Oak. And the prices that they sell for i really dont think it can be beat.


You can see a full review in the january edition of AirGunner.


  1. No argument there Eddie this new pattern is the dogs doo da's for sure. I am using both the english woodland and the english oak patterns now and have had months of abuse just to come back for more!

  2. I cant agree more Malc. It will last for years this gear will.