Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Well last week was a quiet one,i had managed to get out with the old man to zero his new hmr ,what a tool this is going to be.We had it shooting half inch groups at 70 yards without trying ,so we thought we would just give it a go on a few bunnies for the last hour.
Rabbit number 1 was a good shot taken at 98 yards hit in the neck ,well what was left of it and it did put a smile on the old codgers face,well that was untill he hit one at 120 yards then i didnt hear the last of it,clint eastwood springs to mind the way he was going on.We did manage to have a couple of long range squirrels aswell before the light faded to much.
While we were walking back we noticed a few geese dropping on a field on the farm next door to mine so we thought we would do a morning and evening watch and see if we could get on a flight line and drop some..the next evening didnt produce any in numbers but in the morning on first light there was loads flocking in on a newly planted field ,well out of reach for us but when they took off it was another matter.The main groups took off away from us but at least 100 of them circled around and came straight over us,some high but a few within range for a 12g.That was it we planned for a hide set up in the hedge about half way along the field and one sitting in the corner behind a sandstone wall that was hiding them from us in the other field.
Next morning after a 5.30 alarm call i got the gear packed up and went to pick the old man up.We arrived at 6 am and started to set up the hide straight away,it was now just a sit and wait and pray something would come .It didnt take too long and the light was just good to see about half a mile away a group of about 100 geese were coming up the valley.my heart was in my mouth listening to the sound of 100 geese honking their lungs out,god only knew what me old man was thinking but i could see them he could only hear them get closer and closer.
NO WAY you wouldnt belive it they turned from us about 60 yards out to my left  to far for the 12g and me old man was 100 yards to my right,gutted was an understatement but there was more we just had to sit and wait.The next hour produced over 500 geese and not one came within range of either of us,they all turned well before us to get to the field that they were all resting on,you could have just gave up, it was so frustrating to watch so many but not get a shot off, i can appreciate what the wildfowler must go through to get these huge birds the didication they put into it you can only admire.
Well we sat and listened for over what seemed hours to the honking from all the geese behind the wall and finally they decided to take off to their feeding grounds.I watched about 200 take off away from us but a group of about 10 circled right and came straigh towards me,they seemed to be climbing but as i stood to take the shot i was just smiling knowing i could easy reach them.Bang, i took one out from the lead 3 first shot but i was so exited i just couldnt take the second shot ,i just watched it fall and thump the ground like a sledge hammer hitting solid concrete.I looked towards the old man and gave him the signal 1.0 ,as i was looking towards him all hell broke loose ,300 geese took off together alarmed by my shot and they were going in all directions.I shouted to me old man that he had 2 coming straight at him over the wall and to get ready.
It seemed like an age watching for him as they came but eventually he got sight of them and bang he missed he turned and bang he took one dropping like a stone,as he took his second shot 20 more must have spooked because they turned 180 degrees and came straight for me.Bang Bang, i took my first right and left goose what a buzz , i was jumping like a kid who had seen santa with hundreds of pressents for him,me old man came out of his hide to pick his goose up punching the air so i looked about and seen the remains of the geese taking flight well away from us.It was great to see me old man walking up the field with his goose in hand what a treat for him to get one on his first time out on them.

Well that was it for the morning and we dicided to call it a day ,we just marveled in the moment of seeing so many geese and managing to get some shots off.We will be keeping a close eye out for them this week and hopefully they might be back.We will see.


  1. Marvellous! Well done the pair of you!


  2. Cheers hubert..Was a good un.atb eddie