Saturday, 31 October 2009


Well its been a while since i got out for a couple of hours propper shooting.Since my last posting i have had a couple of squirrels to remove from a large garden that were demolishing all the feeders that were put out for the birds.It was an easy job as the owner had seen them on many occasions and as squirrels are like clockwork it was a sit and wait and shoot on the hour and luckilly for us they was on time.The owners had seen two regulars and we thought if we got one it would be a good thing but we was suprised that when me old man took the first one within seconds the second squirrel was chuntering like mad at his mate twitching on the floor, so i obliged and sent him the same way as his mate.Just as we was ready to go back to the house a jay came in for some free nuts off the floor but the old man was sharp on this one and took a nice 40yard stander.The owner was very pleased with what we had done in such a short time they invited us back and will be recomended for future work with freinds of theres.

Today we had a call from a farmer who had drilled some maize,he had seen his field black with crows so on the phone to me old man and it was load up and go.If a farmer rings then its do whatever you can to help them out as its them that can soon put an end to some good sport if you dont keep up the work.I have seen on many occasion where lads have had good land and they are once a month shooters if the weather suits them that is,loose the lot and i have been happy to take over and do a job thats kept me going back for 20 years on some grounds.
Well as i was saying ,we drove upto the fields that were black with crows and inkeeping with farmer traditions 1 crow was 20,as 1 rabbit tail bobbing is 40 and over run,we have all seen and heard it at sometime so to see 20 on the field was at least a good start.We drove round to a suitable hedge that would cover us a bit and not show the hide so much and also gave us a bit of cover from above.Setting out 10 crow decoys in a spread out pattern 30 yards from the hide i also opted for some pigeon decoys in between them,i feel if you have both there is more confidence in the crows to come in closer and take a look.The old man had sorted the hide and got the guns out ready so off i went and parked the bus up.
On my way back to the hide i saw a crow coming in low 300 yards away it was great to stand back and watch it come all that way ,not even bothering with danger till me old man stood up at the last second and nailed it stone dead..That was my cue to walk faster and get in the hide before anymore showed up and give him another shot,no way it was my turn.We didnt have to wait long 3 jackdaws were coming at us pretty high but one decided to swoop lower hovering just over the deeks, i didnt want to blow the deeks to bits so i waited and took a higher one out and was just going to take the one that was lower but it went left so i left it for me old man to take out,we have an understanding when both of us are in the hide together no one passes half way if we have more than one bird coming.If its a single or double you take turns thats it,safety is paramount with any sort of gun so stick to it .Well i can talk about this shot and that shot but as you will see from the pick we didnt do to bad for what crows we seen at the start and im sure when more sprouts up it will be black with them,but we will be waiting aswell..

For the last hour we decided to have a go with the hmr on the rabbits around the wood,this year mixy has hit hard so it wasn`t a slaughter hour we just had a go at the 100+ ones that came out,we did manage 3 and a squirrel that was turned a little inside out,i couldnt believe it when we walked upto it..well thats it for another day and lets hope next weekend proves as good if not better..