Saturday, 14 May 2011

New pattern from Jack Pyke

I recieved my new set of clothing from Jack Pyke yesterday . It is in their new pattern called WILD TREE GRASSLANDS . It may look like this pattern can only be used in the winter when you are Duck or Goose shooting around lakes but i am sure there are more uses for this pattern. I will certainly be trying this out once the crops are golden as it will no doubt blend in very well while decoying pigeons and sniping rabbits on the field edges. I am also confident this will work well in woodland areas where their is alot of deciduous trees and the ferns have died off. I will update through out the year as i try it out in many different situations and where it works best .

 You can check out more clothing in this pattern or the other leading patterns , English Woodland and English Oak on their website  .

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