Thursday, 26 November 2009


Well its still raining and is it ever going to end.Me and me old man managed to get out for 3 hours this week,we found a window between showers on the met office so decided to go for it.With my little jeep out of action at the moment it was load up the old mans car,not a pretty site dumping a load of dirty decoying gear in a nice cream interior but hey who cares i dont have to clean it lol.
well we arrived at the farm and parked up as close as possible to the field we was going to have a go at, then got the gear out for the short walk to the hedgeline that we decided to set up on.There wasnt alot going on first thing so we decided on 6 decoys well spread out and then just add what we shot then take the deeks out once there was enough killed.

Well all sorted and a cuppa in hand and you guessed it crows coming in ,me old man dropped his cuppa and picked his shotty up,i kept low as i had no face cover on and tried to watch the shot,no problem for him it was nailed and a good start for him.Next was my turn,a jackdaw had sailed in from my left like an exocett missile totally instinctive the gun went up and he hit the deck 60 yards to my right ,what a first shot and proved to be my best shot of the day,

Things were slow for the next hour for some reason but hour 2 we got a steady run of crows and jackdaws coming straight into the pattern,no messing aroud as with some ,just nice easy shots over the deeks.
The third hour was going as the first so me old man decided to go for a walk around some small woods we have on the farm , within 5 mins i heard 2 shots go off ,so he was having some sport.Twenty mins in for me i hadn`t even seen a crow never mind shoot one then i heard him shoot again,i think i had taken the wrong decision in staying with the deeks but hey who cares i am out the house and sitting in a cold freezing windy hide freezing my perverbials off,then i get my chance a nice right and left jackdaws,all that time waiting then i get two at once,i managed another 3 before the old man got back and his report was  one squirrel and a jay.

Well that was it then the rain started again so we packed up quick and made for home,it was well worth the time and effort to get out for a bit and we got some good sport for it.

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